Explore my world of colours!

It all started with watercolours. I love the lightness of these colours and the way they spread in water. As an autodidact, I have always been eager to learn new techniques and discover different ways to express myself. I have participated in various seminars and workshops both in France and at the Art Academy of Bad Reichenhall in Germany.

Most of the year, I live in Munich, Germany, but during the summer I spend several months in south-west France by the Atlantic Ocean. While painting in my atelier/studio in France, I get inspired by the beauty of the colours of the sky, the ocean, and the sunlight of the region.

A few years ago, I started to use acrylic paint, a new technique and different way to intensify colours compared to watercolour paintings. In addition, I just started combining both techniques - acrylics and watercolour – for a less rigid expression and smoother flow of colour – what an experiment!

During the last years I started exhibiting publicly both in the South of France near Bordeaux (Bay of Arcachon) and near Munich, Bavaria (e.g. Pfaffenhofen).
Between November 2016 and March 2017 my art was exhibited in Taglaching, Bavaria (critics by Suzanne Viktor see German version).

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